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Wood Products Moisture Transmitter

Wood Products Moisture Transmitter
Wood Products Moisture Transmitter
Product Description
Wood Products Moisture Transmitter

The First Choice for Near Infrared (NIR) Moisture Measurement in the Wood Products Industry

Enhanced Performance

Robust But Flexible - The MCT360-WP uses a well proven algorithm which works on a wide range of wood varieties and forms. You choose the mode of operation, stand-alone or networked, but you’re never locked in because the network interface module can be fitted retrospectively. Choose measurement output through either a user friendly Operator Interface or PC/PLC Software via RS 232-485 Ethernet, Profibus, Modbus or DeviceNet.

Economical Yet Durable - The MCT360-WP is economical due to its well constructed SMART internal design. It eliminates the need for multiple boards and the accompanying sensor-CPU cabling and conduit without compromising the exterior build quality required for harsh production environments.

Simple and Reliable - The MCT360-WP remains a total hands-off gauge. Upon installation, simply adjust the zero and put the gauge to work! There is no routine maintenance or re-calibration. Calibration check standards are available for confirmation of long term gauge stability.

Put the Gauge to Work

Dryer Input - To adjust feed rate and/or dryer temperature.
Benefits: Operation safety, prevents flash fires. Smooth process operation, no dryer overload. Decreased fuel costs.

Dryer Output - To regulate dryer temperature-manual or closed loop control. To alter the set point in a feed-forward loop. Optimum efficiency is obtained from holding moisture +/-0.2% target prior to storage or resin addition.
Benefits: Cost benefits derived from lower usage of fuel and resin.

Blender Input - To control resin addition. Volume of resin required depends upon dry weight of incoming wood fibers.
Benefits: More efficient use of costly resin. Consistent high board quality.

Blender Output - To monitor resin distribution.
Benefits: Enables quick diagnosis of nozzle and filter blockages. Prevents blown boards, saving on production costs.

Forming Line - A final QC check on the mat means sub-standard mats can be diverted before reaching the press and processing errors can be rectified more quickly.

Advanced Features

Fully committed to technical innovation and product versatility, the improved MCT360-WP continues to offer the industry’s most useful and advanced features:

• True Stand-Alone Robust Transmitter Design
• Single High Quality PbS Detector
• Automatic Temperature Control Circuit
• Highest Quality NIR Interference Filters
• Dual Beam Wavelength Compensation
• 5-Year Lamp Warranty
• 2-Year Component Warranty
• Proven, Long-Life Motor
• Multi-Language Operator Interface (English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, etc.)

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